the most accurate metric to quantify cool

the most accurate metric to quantify cool

“…to produce a consistent, reliable methodology for the determination of the coolness quotient of any particular idea or product, it must be evaluated in contrast with an ideal representation of cool: therefore, any such measurement will be quantified with the most precision by calculating the number of Sinatras it contains.”

Quantified Cool, John Maynard Keynes,
Chairman of the World Bank Commission, 1944

He Can Not Get the Ball! by Yoh Kakuda and Yasuaki Kikuchi

Uroboros by Shiro Tajima

Plant Cycle by Christian Cormier

Push Button Burr by Ken Irvine / Tom Lensch

Schrat by Stephan Baumegger

Snack Brake by Dan Alterman

Pin Block Case from CubicDissection

Gretel from Stephen Baumegger

Unstable Eggs by CoreMods

Jack in the Box by Jesse Born

Puzzle Box Train(ing)

Multiball by Eric Fuller

Slammed Car by Juno